Advantage Elevator System is a full-service residential elevator installation company serving the Charleston, SC, area. We support a loyal and growing customer base by providing excellent installation and service of our products. AES provides design and consulting services for the installation of elevator shafts in new and existing homes. We offer repair service for our products only, this allows us to maintain a high level of service to our customers.



Our Culture promotes friendliness, good citizenship, integrity, loyalty, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence.

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To provide outstanding customer service at a fair price while maintaining our financial strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Design, Installation & Maintenance of Elevators

1. Why should I use Advantage Elevators?
Because we care! You are making a significant investment in your home and we want you to have a positive experience.

2. How long does it take to install a home elevator?
The elevator installation takes a few days after arriving at the site; if the site is ready - i.e. the hoistway doors have been hung, the shaft is complete and permanent power is available. We work closely with the homeowners and builders to insure everything is ready.

3. How much does a home elevator cost?
There are many variables when pricing an elevator, number of floors, job-site conditions, level of finish desired on the interior of the cab, etc. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a budget with you.

4. How long does the home elevator take to build?
Most elevators require 4-8 weeks to acquire and process, ready for installation.

5. How much room do I need?
For an elevator that will accommodate a wheelchair, it takes about a 5' x 5’ area for the shaft.

6. How deep should my pit be for the home elevator?
Pit depths vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with ranges from 8" or 15”. Our elevators require an 8” pit.

7. How much overhead do I need?
The overhead requirement depends on the system being used; hydraulic, traction, winding drum but the industry typically uses 12” - 36”.

8. How many floors can your home elevator serve?
Four stories. Residential elevators have a maximum allowable travel distance of 50-feet.

9. Can my elevator have more than one entrance?
Our home elevator cabs can be accessed from multiple sides.

10. Will the home elevator accommodate a wheelchair?
Generally, an elevator cab interior measuring 36" x 48”, will accommodate a wheelchair.

11. What is the better system hydraulic, winding drum, chain drive or vacuum?
The best elevator system depends on the application and code requirements. Every system has its "Best" application. Discuss your requirements with us and we will point you in the right direction.

12. Does my home elevator need to be serviced, if so how often?
A quality elevator and installation will provide you with many years of enjoyment, provided it is maintained. An annual service is typically all that is needed.

Elevator Specs

To fit your space

Cab Size: The maximum interior clear area of a residential elevator cab is 15 square feet. That area is calculated by multiplying the interior width and the measurement from the rear of the cab to the inside of the folding gate in its open position.

Shaft Construction: The pit is usually made of concrete and the walls of the shaft are typically wood studs covered with drywall or plywood.

Wheel Chairs: The width of a wheelchair is 28”. The desirable width of a door that allows for a wheelchair to pass through it is 32”, though a wider door is more desirable if space allows.

Elevator Door Entrance: use doors that match the rest of the house and that also meet the local building code. By doing so, it appears like a closet door and blends in well.

Interior Cab Doors: The two main types are Accordion Gates and Scissor Gates. Accordion Gates come in many colors and finishes, we find them more user friendly. Scissor Gates, similar to the ones you might see in an old movie, tend to be temperamental and can pinch your fingers very easily.

Wheelchair Lifts

Types of Lifts

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts*
There are four basic types of vertical wheelchair lifts: • Enclosure Lift • Inclinded Platform Wheelchair Lift • Residential Porch Lift • Hoistway Lift

Enclosure Lift
Self-contained enclosure provides a smooth, enclosed runway for lift platform to operate within. Enclosure consists of steel or aluminum frame, with steel, plexiglass, or laminated safety glass infill panels. Custom colors available to match existing aesthetics, or to make design stand out.

Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts
Inclined platform wheelchair lifts are custom designed and manufactured for each individual home. For design versatility, an inclined lift can be mounted on either side of the stairway depending on the stairway design and location, and can sometimes be installed with little or no structural modifications. Our experience enables us to design the inclined lift that best meets your needs and local code requirements. Call or email us to schedule an appointment today.

Residential Porch Lift
Designed for short, residential lifting applications up to 6 feet high. Has a flip-up ramp at on the lower landing side of the platform, two 36″ high side-guards on the non-exit sides. Uses a stationary landing gate with an interlock mounted at the upper landing. Perfect for attached garages with a landing in front of the door to the house.

Hoistway Lift
Lift consists of the platform, drive-tower and landing doors. The smooth, enclosed runway is provided by a contractor; typically with framed walls and sheetrock. In certain circumstances, the Hoistway Lift can penetrate a floor, similar to an elevator. Design enables the lift to blend into its surroundings, making it less conspicuous.

New Modern Elevator

Product Design

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